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To enter the BLACKBOX, fill out the application form and successfully complete the Entry Quest.

If you want to solve the quest and complete your application later, you can access this page through a link we emailed to you.

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To complete your application, please solve the Entry Quest.

Quest will open in a new tab.


After you complete the quest, copy the solution into the field below.

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01 What skills or knowledge do I need to solve the quests?

Mostly knowledge of web technologies (JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS), but generally a lot of puzzle solving and logical thinking. You can use any tool to solve the puzzles.

02 What is the minimum number of quests I need to solve to be successful in the competition?

There is no criterion for success or the minimum number of successfully solved quests. You will compete with other competitors and receive a certain number of points for each solved quest. We’ll determine the winners based on the points collected throughout the entire competition.

03 What do I need to solve a quest?

A functioning laptop or a personal computer with a connection to the Internet. You can solve the quests anywhere you like!

04 How much time do I have to solve a quest?

You’ll receive each quest on Thursdays at noon (12PM), and you’ll have 6 days to solve it. So, until next Wednesday at 12PM.

05 How long will it take me, on average, to solve one quest?

The quests have different levels of difficulty, some should take a couple of minutes, and some may take a few hours. It all depends on how you approach them.

06 What if I'm not from Zagreb and can't attend the gathering?

Unfortunately, you cannot win this competition unless you attend at least 3 out of 5 gatherings, but you can still compete and solve quests.

07 What if I can't solve the quest and have a question for the quest creator?

With each quest you’ll have an option to unlock one hint to help you solve it. But there is a catch, if you unlock the hint and consequently solve the quest — you'll lose half of the points for that quest. If you have any questions for our quest creators, you can ask them at the gatherings.

08 What’s the agenda of the gatherings?

The first part of each gathering will be dedicated to the quests you received that week. You will meet the quest creators, they’ll explain the logic behind each quest and solve it in front of you. You’ll be able to ask any question you want about the quest or something related. The second part of the gathering will include a short lecture on a specific development theme that is more or less related to one of the quests.

09 What if I have additional questions?

If you do, contact us at blackbox@bornfight.com.

October 2nd to October 30th / Vukasovićeva 1, Zagreb

Bornfight Student Challenge

Solve exciting quests

Learn about tech

or explore more

What's in it for you

Solve exciting quests and collect points

Compete with like-minded puzzle-loving people

Learn more about a new development topic each week

Get to know Bornfight and quest creators

Win cool prizes if you get into the top 3

Earn your place in the Blackbox hall of fame

Who can apply?

Students currently pursuing BA or MA at any faculty. Students interested in development, puzzle solving and quests.

Students who successfully complete the Entry Quest.

The prizes

1st prize

1.000 HRK monthly scholarship from November 2019 to June 2020, valued 8.000 HRK

2nd prize

An online course of your choice, valued 3.000 HRK

3rd prize

A ticket to a conference of your choice valued 1.000 HRK

*The scholarship award (1st prize) is available to a student who will accept an internship position in Bornfight (for at least one month). To be eligible to win any prizes, competitors have to attend at least 3 out of 5 gatherings.

Blackbox timeline

Gatherings will take place at the Bornfight's Zagreb office - Vukasovićeva 1, 5th floor.

Sep 9th-26th

Application period

September 27th

BLACKBOX participants announced

October 2nd

1st gathering - Introducing BLACKBOX, quest creators, competitors + opening party

October 3nd

1st round of quests starts

October 9th

2nd gathering

October 10th

2nd round of quests starts

October 16th

3rd gathering

October 17th

3rd round of quests starts

October 23rd

4th gathering

October 24th

4th round of quests starts

October 30th

5th gathering - Winners announced + goodbye party